Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 July 2009 - We are launching virtually

Today, the date is important for this blog, a history for the first release of Pixelayer Photography. Why we choose Pixelayer Photography? There was a history behind this untold mystery of confusing name. Some people may hard to pronounce it well. Pixelayer should be sound like Pix-Xel-Lay-Yer. With the existence of Pixelayer Photography, we hope will expand the name of Pixelayer and promote the Sabahan enthusiast for the lover of photos and provide affordable wedding and event packages for their big day and special occasion.

For those who never stop supporting us, thank you for being part of us and hope you will able to join and be part of the group one day. Lot of love and thank you so much with your participation and again, thank you for visiting this blog. Regards from us -- The Founder.


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