Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Page is UP!

Good news everyone, our website is now officially up and all updates will be loaded. There will be a slightly change on the history as previous or missing event will be updated accordingly with dates. Our new look will be featuring more on news, event, travel information and of course the main core of our projects and assignments. So check out our new promotion as well and event going on. You might do not want to miss it! Thanks for your support and below photo are some of the previous photos taken during our Pixelayer Outing held few months ago. It was raining few days before this event and we are very lucky that the event are running smoothly during the day. Thank God for the great weather and successful event not forgetting to all the prayer who participate it!

Pixelayer Start
Our starting point - Next to Dewan Masyarakat, Tuaran.

Pixelayer Lunch
Lunch @ Medan Selera, Tuaran

Pixelayer Tea Break
Tea Break @ D' Dalit Transit, Tuaran.


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