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Pixelayer Photography is unique; there are some stories behind the word Pixelayer. One day, a guy met a girl in a local restaurant. The girl told the guy about her big arrangement to open her own photography plan, but instead of doing all alone, she wish to enjoy the hobby with other photographer who has the enthusiastic character of photography. Just what Henry Ford says, “Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

So, she plans all the necessary preparation, and continues the planning with the help of another guy to look for the suitable name. After a glass of *Teh Tarik and *Neslo Ping in the middle of night, they come up with the name “PixeLayer” which derived from the word ‘Pixel’ and ‘Layer’ combined it as one word. Pixel is the smallest discrete element which makes up a digital image and Layer are often being use in manupulating digital image.

Behind the story, the girl and the guy in the restaurant are, Girllyen and Sebastian while another guy is Merl. However, PixeLayer will not exist without our creative person, Kuai, our talented designer Adelbert, and Jimmy Tan as our Videographer. With the existence of Pixelayer, we hope to share our experience and help our local hobbyist to keep on capture best moment. Always remember, photos are the best cure for bad memory. Pixelayer Photography & Media was born on 1st of July 2009 and still expanding.

Get to know the people behind Pixelayer Photography & Media crews


Girllyen Marcie - Photography is art and Art is infinity.
It was rainy day in the afternoon, and I was sitting at the veranda and saw my grandma's goats running by flock looking for shades to avoid the rain. The moment I saw them running, I told to myself, I wish I could capture, frame and hang it on the wall to let my grandma see it. That was me when I'm only 6 years old. Growing up with my grandma in Kg. Tagas, Tuaran was a memory, I moved in and stay with my parent in Telipok in the year of 1994. I start to hold my relative's compact camera and always ended scolded by my mom as the film is quite expensive and the printing is not as cheap as we enjoy nowadays. Furthermore, the camera is not belong to us. So I stop dreaming of doing what a photographer like to be because we are not from a wealthy family. I feel excited when somebody ask me to capture their picture with their camera. Time passes by, as the technology become wiser, I manage to have my 2.0 mega pixel camera hand phone to capture every moment with me in the year 2007. Then I was hired in a good company and get the chance to save some money and bought my first Samsung 7.2 mega pixel digital camera. It was normal and happy until I met Roy, known as Roy Ajin, the semi-pro photographer among my friends, he let me hold his Canon DSLR 40D for the first time in 2008. The moment I press on his DSLR camera shutter, it trapped me and start with the dilemma of having one. Terrible tragedy happen in the year of 2008, my beloved dad left us with a sudden death. My life ended there. I lost my mind. I lost. Late 2008, a new hope is born, with the help from my uncle, I manage to hold and start my step of a Nikon D90 owner. This is life. We lost, and we found hope again. I love Night Photography, Foods and landscape, but I did involved in Wedding Photography and all other commercial photography as well. Pixelayer photography is my currect project.


Sebastian Yusof - “It's about capturing ‘that’ moments, mood, expression and emotion through the lens and portraying them with our artistic vision”
Photography portfolio: Portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, nature, close-up.
Interest in Photography since 2007 but only got serious wit it when I got my own digital compact camera a Sony Cyber-shot W1.  Inspired by my dad and mostly by local photographer which are few of them is my dearly friends that I often hang out with. Fun, relaxed, love the outdoors & nature. I enjoy diving into the deep blue sea or just being stranded on an island, the mountain high above & love to see people faces laughing while they’re having a pretty damn good time. Oh, and I like my coffee dark ;-) My philosophy, Photography is art. A great image is great because of the unique moment it captures and the skill set needed to capture it. Simply stated, it's about telling your story through beautiful photographs.

Merlvin Sylvester - My photography is my proof of existence.
Photography portfolio: Portraiture, landscape, close-up, nature.
Inspired by: Mostly inspired by nature photographer, war journalist and art painting.
I used the term 'Digital-manipulator' for my photo editing and graphic designing style. For me, photography is not about what we can get from the result, but what we can do to get the result. Photography is all about self-discipline, humble, awareness and to be enjoy with. I started in photography because I was asked to do it. Since then, I started to learn everything all by self and a lots of patience. I've never attended any photography classes or seminar. I believe, hands-on task and working with fellow photographers is an experience that cannot be missed. 

Kuai Tahir - I Saw. I Snap. I Share. I express my feelings and tell stories through my pictures.
Involve in photography since I got my 1st camera phone (SE K700i) in year 2005. Inspired by lots of friends, but before all my desire on photography really started, I was inspire by my friend, Zi Yang (about art of Photography) and Jefferi Chang (about what we can do further on photography). All things come step by step since then. Photography is very subjective. Every moment is wonderful and meaningful. For me, there is no ‘perfect’ picture. When we see from our heart, the eyes never lie. When you love it, you will keep looking at it. The arts of photography it is very hard to explain and sometimes very complicated. Every pictures has they own ‘Sentimental Value’ and its made me fall so in love with it!. I shots Portraits, Landscape, any Close Up stuff, Food, Candid, Emotions, Scenery and Weird stuff. I shot lifestyle too since I travelled a lot.  

Adelbert Philip - “... Sharing a little story, a picture and a feeling... for one day it will be a story... a moment we called memory of a lifetime...”
Photography portfolio: Portraiture, landscape, candid, Photoediting,.... rare thing.etc.
Inspired by: I'm inspired by a picture that I saw from Our local Photographer, But! At the first place, i'm not too interested in taking picture, i'm more into photoediting & Photo-manipulation, but it come slowly to myself, thinking that I can take a great picture & edit it. It's different when you edit the picture that you take & taken by other. For me picture is something telling you “Not To Forget” because once u had it, it will always there. It's show a million of emotion, create a laughter & tears shared together in one piece of picture. I'm only the respresenter of the message by picture that I take for you to see and to know the truth.  My dream is to touch people heart with my pictures, spread all the love through every click I made & enjoy it for a lifetime. Involved since: From a basic knowledge using compact camera, i gain a knowledge of photography but still more into Photomanipulation.A much of self taught photographer driven me to be more passion for photography. I have my DSLR at May 2009, I Started from passion, interest & Join the Pixelayer fo more experience. From there i've started to learn more deep in this photography arena. Taking a step to move forward & I will never stop.

Jimmy Tan - Motion more than a feeling
Art Portfolio: Event & Wedding
I had my study in Informatics in the year 2002 ago, and learned about a dinosaur called Window ME. While learning, I opened another dinosour called Movie Maker and try to play with it. It was fun and I move to play with another dinosaur aclled Pinnacle which sound like a sweet dessert for Sunday evening. In the same year, I went to the Sony Fair in Centre Point, one of the famous shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu. Handycam HI8 attract me and accidentally bought it. I start to record wedding video for fun and went to KL to capture my niece wedding. When I got home, I start to edit with Pinnacle and give them as a gift. I didn't expect that they like the video so much and that's where I start to love taking video. Last year March, I manage to get my first Semi Pro Panasonic AG-DVX 102 BEN and start serious in videography. The person who inspired and give me the courage to upgrade to this expensive video is Mr. Alex. Nevertheless, I also learn about how to photograph to improve the art of digital world.

We also have a few new member and will be update their background soon.

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